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'The Best of The Creation' cover

The Creation: The Best of The Creation

Catalogue no.: URRCD21

'Blather!' cover

Rotten Heroes: Blather!

Catalogue no.: URRCD20

'Rock Me' cover

The Creation: Rock Me

Catalogue no.: URRCD19

'Nite Life Issue 9' cover

The Creation: Nite Life Issue 9

Catalogue no.: URRCD18

'The Outpourings of a Sick Mind' Cover

Servants of Charon: The Outpourings of a Sick Mind

Catalogue no.: URRCD17

'Summary' cover

Rotten Heroes / Servants of Charon: Summary

Catalogue no.: URRCD16

'Satellite SASS' cover

Servants of Charon: Satellite SASS

Catalogue no.: URRCD15

'Finalé E.P.' cover

Servants of Charon: Finalé E.P.

Catalogue no.: URRCD2E

'A Time For Heroes E.P.' cover

Servants of Charon: A Time For Heroes E.P.

Catalogue no.: URRCD1E

'In The Land of Legend...' cover

Servants of Charon: In The Land of Legend...

Catalogue no.: URRCD14

'The Toadrag Interviews (re-release)' cover

Rotten Heroes: The Toadrag Interviews (re-release)

Catalogue no.: URRCD11R

'Don't Stop' cover

Rotten Heroes: Don't Stop

Catalogue no.: URRCD13

'The Rotten Heroes' cover

Rotten Heroes: The Rotten Heroes

Catalogue no.: URRCD12

'The Toadrag Interviews' cover

Rotten Heroes: The Toadrag Interviews

Catalogue no.: URRCD11

'Laughing at the World' cover

Rotten Heroes: Laughing at the World

Catalogue no.: URRCD10

'The Day After' cover

Rotten Heroes: The Day After

Catalogue no.: URRCD09

'Facelift' cover

Rotten Heroes: Facelift

Catalogue no.: URRCD08

'Play 2' cover

Rotten Heroes: Play 2

Catalogue no.: URRCD07

'Time To Take His Life' cover

Rotten Heroes: Time To Take His Life

Catalogue no.: URRCD06

'Play 1' cover

Rotten Heroes: Play 1

Catalogue no.: URRCD05

'The 1982 Christmas Aggravation Chart' cover

Rotten Heroes: The 1982 Christmas Aggravation Chart

Catalogue no.: URRCD04

'Shadows' cover

Rotten Heroes: Shadows

Catalogue no.: URRCD03

'Finger of Suspicion' cover

Rotten Heroes: Finger of Suspicion

Catalogue no.: URRCD02

'Face the Facts' cover

Rotten Heroes: Face the Facts

Catalogue no.: URRCD01

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